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The Proto-Tel Advantage

Maximize Your Profits by Partnering with Proto-Tel, Inc, for Your OEM Needs! Proto-Tel is your one stop shop for thru hole Printed Circuit Boards, Plastic Molded Parts and Assemblies. If your engineering resources are strained, let Proto-Tel make sure you aren’t missing opportunities due to limited capabilities or expensive product development services. Our design services are typically low or even no cost! We are a manufacturer. We want an opportunity to do short term or long term manufacturing for you. The best way for us to earn the opportunity is to help you with the design and product development of your products. Think of us as a vital extension of your company’s design and product development team. We have a 30 year plus reputation of helping our customers meet very demanding new product launch deadlines at very competitive prices!

  • Printed Circuit Boards designed in house and prototyped in less than a week! Single sided or multilayer, we have the experience to get it done on time with the highest quality.
  • Molded Plastic Parts designed in days, not weeks. Our design team has many years of experience in virtually all plastic and metal forming processes. If you need only a simple plastic part or a complex assembly, we’ll have renderings output from our Pro Engineer CAD system in times you wont believe.
  • In house Mold Making provides quick turn, low cost, Plastic Molds. If you need a few thousand or a million parts, we’ll design and build a tool to meet your needs.
  • Innovative programs to reduce or eliminate customer mold costs.
  • Product runs from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands are cost effectively manufactured in our Colorado facilities. Take advantage of our low labor costs and extensive domestic and off shore partnerships to get your products at the best price possible without the cost and hassles of having to manage foreign suppliers. Get the Made in the USA and NAFTA compliance benefits without high costs.
  • Inventory management programs to reduce or eliminate customer owned inventory. Let us design it, manufacture it, package it, stock it and blind ship it  directly to your customers. Most of our customers simply bypass incoming inspection on our parts.
  • Our extensive capabilities also include PCB assembly and Wave Soldering, Electrical Testing, and Retail and Consumer Packaging.

How can we sum up the Proto-Tel Advantage? It could be our design experience. It might be our low cost manufacturing capabilities. Our outstanding quality record or UL and CSA listings could be the answer. These are all combined the benefits which we bring to the table. But, the real answer is our reputation! We have been around for many years. When our customers’ buyers, product managers, and engineers change jobs, one of the first things they do, without exception, is call Proto-Tel! We make them look good. We deliver on our promises. And, we make their companies more successful.

That is indeed the Proto-Tel Advantage!